Corporate Dinner

A corporate dinner is a special day during which you will meet your business partners and clients, so make sure that the atmosphere will be perfect for you. You will be able to close your business deal and have a party with your clients at the same time. Everyone knows that the best deals are closed at a dinner table.

Our location will cuddle your clients with our amazing location, stunning view, and amazing decorations. Your corporate dinner will be exclusive and your clients will talk about it for ages.
Your corporate dinner will be customized  and based on your request, we will choose together the best menu, decorations and music to make sure that your guests feel comfortable. You can choose a specific theme on which you want to organize your corporate dinner with your business partners.
We guarantee a complete service at a reasonable price, which includes:

  • Table decorations and theme room set–up
  • Aperitif on the pool as a welcome
  • You can choose the menu from our selection and we will be able to define together each course.
  • Amazing cakes and pastry selection
  • Music options, which can be either with live music or with a Dj set.

So what are you waiting for?
Let’s organise your corporate dinner at Villa Maravi

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